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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) What is the Culver City Education Foundation (CCEF)? CCEF, a 501(c){3) non-profit organization, is devoted exclusively to raising funds for all schools in the Culver City Unified School District (CC USD) . Our mission is to raise funds to support and enhance a quality education for every student in the CCUSD. Since 1982, CCEF has been bringing the community together to support students and teachers at all of our CCUSD schools. Working with parents, community members, local businesses and the District, together we raise money to pay for high-quality educational programs and teaching innovations beyond what is possible with state and federal funds alone . CCEF is committed to conducting its fundraising in a manner that enhances a positive sense of community, fosters cooperation among all District organizations, and increases awareness of the need for private funds for public education. Why should I give to CCEF? When you give to the Culver City Education Foundation, you support an array of enrichment opportunities throughout our school district that are not possible without private support. These include in-class and extracurricular program s and resources in visual and performing arts, technology, mathematics, literacy, and more. CCEF was created in 1981 by a group of parents concerned about funding challenges in Culver City schools. Over the past 34 years, CCEF - thanks to the support of parents, local businesses, and other community members - has raised millions of dollars to support students, teachers, and schools in the Culver City Unified School District, helping to sustain the quality public schools that are a hallmark of Culver City. Your financial support helps students build bright and successful futures while attending Culver City public schools, from pre-kindergarten through high school. Help us continue to provide the resources our schools need to thrive - make your gift today! Should I give to both CCEF and the PTA at my school? YES! We're all in this together. PTA, Booster Clubs and CCEF are critical funding sources for our local public schools . PTAs and Boosters will continue to raise funds for things such as supplies, books and equipment and after school programs at school sites, while CCEF's efforts target enrichment programs that run across the district including staff professional development . CCEF, PTA and Boosters are crucial parts of the total funding that the District will use every year to keep CCUSD schools strong. Who decides how the money will be spent? CCUSD Leadership comprised of the Superintendent and senior staff, the Board of Education and school Principals determine the strategic vision, goals and objectives for CCUSD. CCEF collaborates closely with CCUSD Leadership in determining which enrichment programs and district initiatives that support the district plan require private funding for implementation or continued operation. All expenditures, including school -specific discretionary funds, must be in accordance with District policies as approved by the CCUSD Board of Education. How can I see what programs are funded at my school?" Click here to see a list of CCEF-funded programs at each CCUSD school. Who else can help with fundraising? School Board members, the Superintendent,CCEF Board and staff, District administrators, school Principals and teachers, PTA leaders, booster groups, ALL parents, volunteers...we need everyone working together to raise funds to meet our goals for the coming years and ensure the continued excellence that characterizes our schools. Please Donate now or sign -up to Volunteer. How is the work of CCEF overseen? CCEF is a non-profit organization led by a Board of Directors made up of dedicated volunteers from our community with expertise in fundraising, finance, development, education, business and marketing. CCEF employs an Executive Director and Administrator. Additionally, a Bookkeeper and a Grant Writer are employed on a part-time basis. The staff can be reached at (310)842-4220,x4212 or by email at With respect to the financial statements for the organization, these are audited on a regular basis. How much should I give to CCEF? Our first goal is 100% participation. The suggested donation amount is $300 per student. This suggested donation is neither a minimum nor a maximum; we're asking you to give what you can but to consider an amount that is significant to your family. Families, individuals, businesses and community members can join our Superintendent's Circle for $1,000 or more in unrestricted dollars on an annual basis. Regardless of the amount, every donation is greatly appreciated and will help out.



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